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Beyond the storm (1 Corinthians 2.9)

E   A      B   E                      Esus E                          

Beyond the storm there’s a clear horizon

                          Bm          A         E      D

Where skies of grey give way to blue

       A      B     E                   Esus   E        

And hope that once seemed so uncertain

                         Bm         A                             E

Like sunlight’s brightest rays comes shining through

E           A     B   E       Esus   E

Though now we see a pale reflection

            A              F#m                D A B

Just a glimpse of glory that’s to come

                      E      Esus  E      

Our God has given us assurance

                        Bm          A                          E

That one day soon we’ll see our heavenly home

Beyond the grave, a shining city

With gates of pearl and streets of gold

Where round the throne amazed we’ll worship

And hear the glorious mystery unfold

How love came to the undeserving

Giving all to save the lost from hell

A song that we will sing forever

A story that will be our joy to tell!

   E               A          E         B

  Beyond the mind of mortal man

  C#m          A              E            B

  Beyond all we could dream or plan

  C#m         Abm        A                 F#m

  Chosen before the world began

                       B            E

  To know our Father’s love!

Beyond all our imagination

No eye has seen; no ear has heard

What God our Father is preparing

And promised to us in His faithful word

So now we journey on together

Marching as an army bold and strong

With Christ our Saviour and our Captain

Jesus to whom our hearts and lives belong!

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