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Everlasting Arms

(Deuteronomy 33.27)

G                               D

Children of God, a holy people

G                                     D

Chosen by Him to know His grace

G                                      D

His Spirit makes his home among us

C        Am                Asus  A

As we gather in this place

G                                           D

Children of God, whose home is heaven

G                                        D

Strangers and pilgrims in this land

G                                           D

We know the way that we must follow

C         Am                 Asus  A

Guided by His mighty hand

D                          Daug         D6

Underneath are the Everlasting arms

                      D7                   G

Holding us and keeping us from harm


Underneath are the Everlasting arms

           A                  G              D

We are resting in the Everlasting arms

Children of God, a glorious city

Set on a hill and shining bright

Across the earth we send the message

Saying Jesus is the Light!

Children of God, a treasured nation

Called to display His majesty

And tell how great is His salvation

Now and through eternity!

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