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  Maker of the Heavens       

       Dmaj7                      Em

The Maker of the heavens, brought a world to birth

Dmaj7                    Em      

But before creation, knew just who we were

Bm                         G

So for our salvation, He came to our earth!

         Em  A  Em  A

Jesus !Jesus!

Living here among us, picture if you can

Humble as a servant in His Father’s plan

See the Lord of Heaven, now the Son of Man!

Jesus! Jesus!

             D            A          G    A

We will raise the name of Jesus

             D       A        G A

And declare His majesty

            D      A          G      A

So that everyone who hears us

                      G             F#m  

Will know that we are His people

       Em          F#m

 and He is our King

G             F#m        Em             A

He is the reason we join as one voice


 and sing!

See the Man of Sorrows, to the world unknown

Taking all our sickness, suffering alone

Paying for transgressions, none of them his own

Jesus! Jesus!

On the cross we see him, dying there to save

Earning our forgiveness with the life He gave

See Him rise in triumph, conquering the grave!

Jesus! Jesus!

We will raise the name of Jesus ….

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