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I know a friend

            Am         G

Are you empty inside,


Like there is something missing from your life

            Am                      E(A bass)

And you don’t know what it is though

           Am7                            D

You’ve searched for an answer?

              Am              G

Have you tried hard to find,


Something to ease the troubles in your mind?

              Am                          E(A bass)

Fears that haunt you, guilt that taunts you

       Am7                              D

And says you’re worth nothing.

      C                   Cmaj7  

But look, I know a friend


Who holds His hand


Outstretched to you

Fm                       C

When He calls your name

                  D                Dm7     G

Your life will never be the same

      C                 Cmaj7                 C7

And if you will believe that when He died


It was for you

         Fm                          C         Am           

You’ll find the peace, you’ll feel the joy

Dm7           G      C

Of knowing Jesus too.

Are you hoping to say, standing before the throne on judgement day:

‘I’m no worse than any other man

Though, it’s true, I’m no better.

But I’ve tried my life long

To do the right and turn away from wrong

Won’t you please try, turn a blind eye

To my sins and transgressions?’

But look, I know a friend ...

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