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Worthy the Lamb (Revelation 4 & 5)

C               Em                Am    Am(G)

The door to heaven opens wide

Am(A)          Am(G)             Am(F#)

And all God’s angels there inside


Stand round the throne all clothed in white

                    Gsus   G    F    G

Singing ‘He is worthy!’

C            Em               Am       Am(G)

The Holy One is on the throne
Am(A)          Am(G)             Am(F#)   

Who was, and is, and is to come


They worship Him for all He’s done

                 Gsus   G    F    G

He alone is worthy

                C      F                    C     G

Worthy the Lamb, who once was slain

                C                   F                 C       G

Deserving all the honour, glory and the praise

              F             Em

All of the power and wisdom

      Dm                     G

and all the wealth and strength

     Dm                  G                     C

To Him who sits upon the throne. Amen!

From every people, every land

He made the kingdom God had planned

And in His service now they stand

Singing ‘He is worthy!’

Brought by his blood to a new birth

Now all in heaven sing His worth

With every creature on the earth

He alone is worthy!

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