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Mary’s Lullaby (Luke 2:7)

Bm   Am         Bm        Am

Tiny child, so frail, so small

C             G         D

Rest your weary head.

Bm           Am        Bm         Am

Close your eyes in peace tonight,

C          G         D

In your manger bed.

G             Bm         Am         G

There was no room here, it’s true

G           Bm   Am

For your holy birth

G               Bm          Am      G

But, there’s room here in my heart,

Bm Am    G

Jesus, for you!

All too soon, your time will come

It will be your day.

Destiny will call, my Son;

You’ll be on your way.

There’s a purpose, there’s a plan

You must see it through

Only you can reconcile

God and man

When that day of darkness comes

Still so far away,

When your battle has been won

You will hear me say:

There may be no room, it’s true

For you on this earth

But there’s room here in my heart,

Jesus, for you!

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