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A time of joy for everyone


A chance to rest and have some fun


A special season has begun


It’s Christmas time again!


With snowflakes on a starry night


A time to heal and put things right


To cosy up by candle light


It’s Christmas time again!

            E                  A      

     But will you remember Christ this Christmas?

                  Bm                                          A

     Will His name be on your lips and in your mind?

                     E                       D

     Will He be welcome at your table

            E                 D                  A

     And in your celebrations at this time?

                     E              D

     Or will this be another year

               E                          D

     When you won’t want Him near

                 E                          D                         A

     So you leave Him standing there outside your door?

A time to give and to receive

A time to say ‘I still believe’

And try to sleep on Christmas Eve

It’s Christmas time again!

A chance to find some time to spend

In writing to a long-lost friend

And hope they feel the love we send

It’s Christmas time again!

But will you remember Christ this Christmas?

Will this be the year you make a brand-new start?

Will you bow humbly in His presence

And give the King the gift of your own heart?

Or will the tinsel and the toys

All the business and noise

Mean God’s gift will lie unopened on the floor?


Come and give thanks

      D                   A          

It’s not too late to join with us and celebrate

         Bm                 E

God’s gift of His own Son

                     E            D

Give thanks to God that Jesus came


And glorify His holy name

      Bm                 E                 Bm          E

For all that He has done and the victory He won!

Will you remember Christ this Christmas

Or will you push Him from your mind?

Will you remember Jesus Christ

This Christmas time?


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