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Love is 1 Corinthians 13

Em            Bm           Am  

If I could speak the languages of nations

Em            Bm     Am

Or angels from above

Em         Bm     Am   

Or prophesy of secret things and knowledge

Em              Bm      Am

It’s nothing without love

C               D                    G            Em

I may have faith to move a mountain

C              D                    G             Em

I may give all my things away

C            D                       G            Em

But all of this will be worth nothing

C                          B

It’s nothing without love!

If I rejoice in truth and hate injustice

If I protect and trust

If I can walk with hope and perseverance

This is the mark of love!

True love is kind, true love is patient

It doesn’t envy, doesn’t boast

It’s never proud, never self-seeking

It’s what we need the most!

G                  D

This love will never fail


Whatever comes to pass

                  Dsus     D

This love will still prevail

G                D

When other gifts have gone


Faith, hope and love remain

            C                      Em   Bm   Am

But the greatest of all is love!

I was a child in how I thought and reasoned

That’s how it all began

I put aside my childish way of thinking

When I became a man

Now I can see a pale reflection

And glimpse the glory of God’s grace

Only a part of what is waiting

When I see face to face!

This love …


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