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Lord lift me up


               G    C

I look around

                       G      C

And what do I see?

                    G             Em

Troubles surround me

                           Am    D

And I long to be free

But there’s a voice

A heavenly call

Telling me softly

That I’ll never fall!

D                  G   Am

Lord, lift me up

                          Bm    C

And help me to stand

                     G    Em

Guided and held

                         Am     D

By your mighty hand

                     Bm    C

Brighten my spirit

                   Bm    C

Lighten my load


Help me to walk

         Em      Am    D

This narrow road


I close my eyes

And bow down in prayer

I’m not alone

Cause I know you are there

Lord, you have loved me

Right from the start

This is a union

No power can part

Lord, lift me up …

                    C                  D               Bm   Em

You are my strength, my shield, my fortress

                    C             D           Bm   Em

You are my Lord, my God, my King

                    C             D         Bm     Em

You are my hope, my light in darkness

        C                   Dsus    D

You are my everything!

        Lord lift me up …

                   Bm            Em     Am

  …..  Help me to walk, help me to walk

        D          G

This narrow road.

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