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By grace (1 Corinthians 1 and Ephesians 2)

E           A         E      A

I cannot trust in anything

E                A         E          A           

That I have done to pay the price

         D         C#m          Bm      A

I only trust in Christ who, on the cross,

   G             F#m      Bm         E

Endured the pain and bore the cost

   Bm     E      A

A willing sacrifice.

But there’s a power in the cross

And there’s a wisdom from above

That all the world may mock and cast aside

I’ll still proclaim Christ crucified

Declaring ‘God is Love’!

     A        C#m         D           A

By grace I have been saved by faith

   Bm        A            G        E

A gift from heaven’s throne

     A         C#m        D          A

I’ll trust in Christ and nothing else

      Bm  G    A

But Him alone!

There is a wisdom in this world

That sees the cross a foolish thing

But I will boast of Jesus and His death

My Saviour, Lord and righteousness

My Master and my King!

I cannot boast of wisdom, strength

Or say that I’m what I should be

I only boast of Christ who makes me strong

For, when I’m weak then, all along,

His power rests on me!

By grace …


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